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Mike S
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HiPines Pt. Enthusiasts:


We had a long and very hot summer with high humidity! I hope this coolerweather is a welcome relief and you can get out and enjoy the trails!

OurUSFS trails coordinator Dave Jaunese, was very busy with work and family themonth of July. A project in the Cedar Creek area needed attention, taking Davetemporarily away from our trail development in the Pines Point area. I want toremind everyone....the USFS roads are open to horseback riding until our trailproject is complete....unless we are contacted by the USFS stating otherwise.


Ispoke with Dave yesterday and he wants to get together on Saturday, September29, 2012 at 9:30 am ~ weather permitting. Dave marked off a "trailhead" from our temporary parking area to the Diamond trail, we need toopen that up for passage, and also he would like to begin working on theDiamond trail. There will be one other trail to be marked with Blue Diamondsalong the side of 160th. The USFS is taking our safety under consideration withthe increased traffic this road will be experiencing. They are encouraging usto use this trail once it is marked, instead of riding on the road.


Davewas able to secure two water sources along the river for our horses fordrinking. Horses are not allowed in the White River.He has suggested using buckets that will be provided, and hitching posts. Wewill be walking to the two water sources for inspection. Dave and another manwill be operating chain saws and Dave is providing all of the tools that wewill be using. We will be broken up into 4-5 groups of 5 persons workingtogether. Please bring a brown bag lunch and beverage,


I've included my phone number and email and also Denise McDaniels contactinformation for you to confirm attending this work bee. If you have not filledout a "Volunteer Service Agreement" form please let me know, and Iwill make arrangements for you to do so. This form MUST be filled out, andfiled with the USFS before you can do any work in the Huron Manistee National Forest.


I look forward to seeing you on Saturday the 29th of September at 10:00 am


Margot Slater




Denise Mcdaniels






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