Pigeon River & Beyond - Back Country Horsemen, Michigan

7.  Be Considerate of Other Visitors

     Trail riding today we are encountering more hikers, bikers
      and even people packing with lamas. It is important to                
      remember that they have as much right to the trails as we
      do and to treat everyone we meet  with  the respect and
     consideration that we would expect from them.  
     A friendly Hello goes a long way to brighten everyone's day.

     Yield to others

     Groups leading or riding stock on trails have the right of way.
      Hikers and Bikers should move to the downhill side of the    
     Trail and speak quietly to avoid scaring stock.
      If other trail users don’t know proper trail etiquette politely                                 Explain to them what they should do to avoid scaring
      stock and the reason for doing it .                  .  
      All most everyone wants to do the right thing

      Keep a Low Profile
      Take breaks off the trail on durable surfaces
       Camp out of site and sound of other visitors
      Try to keep the noise from your outdoor activity down-
       Especially at night in camp.  
       Be considerate and Respectful of others.