Pigeon River & Beyond - Back Country Horsemen, Michigan

3.  Dispose of Waste Properly

Waste is anything left behind in nature that did
 not exist before we were there.

•    Pack it in-Pack it Out.  What ever you
     Take in with you take it out with you.
     Trash left behind is unsitely,
     plastic bottle holder and bags
     can ensnare and kill birds and animals.
•    Plan Meals to avoid mess and left overs
     Pack out all scraps to avoid
     habituating  and endangering wild life
     Repackage food into useable containers
     Eliminating excess outer packaging waste
•    Carry disposable bags to pack out your
    waste and that left behind by others.

    Disposal of Human Waste
•            “ In days of old, when Knights were bold,
                            And toilets weren’t invented
                             They left their load, beside the road
                              And walked off so contented”

   Although not a pleasant topic, proper disposal
  of human waste minimizes the potential for water
  pollution, spread of diseases and socials impacts.

  Ways that we can properly dispose of that smelly, brown
  blob topped with a tissue flower are.
    Go before you go. Use facilities at camp and trail heads      

    Cat Holes  ? What pray tell are cat holes?

     Cat holes are holes you dig with a small spade or shovel, 6 to 8 inches

    deep.  Do your business in the hole, cover and disguise it

    with anything that is handy, dirt, leaves and pine needles. 

   Cat holes should be located 200 feet from any  water source,camp, trails
    and drainages. The use of cat holes aids in the biological
    transfer of that brown smelly stuff into fertilizer and eliminates the     unpleasantness of someone else finding it.


  Waste water  for cleaning yourself and dishes.  Avoid the  
  pollution of rivers and lakes with soaps and other harmful                    chemicals by carrying water 200 ft away from rivers and lakes for your
  cleaning needs.  Broadcast the waste water over the ground for disposal ,this allows the soil to act as a filter.

Stock Waste

   At facilities with bunkers place manure in the bunker
         In back or front country with out bunkers,
          break up and scatter manure.