Pigeon River & Beyond - Back Country Horsemen, Michigan

5.  Minimize Campfire Impacts


Everyone likes a campfire but, we have all seen the impact of campfires
  that have gone out of control or left with partially burn trash. Do your part and be a responsible camper by always taking into consideration the following.

  • Do you need a permit
  •  is there a fire ban in effect.  
  • Is it safe -are conditions favorable for a fire, ,is there plenty of wood available.  
  • Use established fire rings, only building a fire when conditions are right. -Completely extinguish all fires  and clean out the ring, leaving it ready for the next visitor.
  •  In the event a fire is prohibited plan for alternative method to cook meals,such as a small bottle gas cook stove.
  • Never leave a fire unattended and when leaving an area allow enough time to completely extinguish your fire.  Once the fire is completely extinguished. Clean the fire pit out and scatter the ashes, making the site inviting for the next camper.