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 February 6, 2017

  New Pigeon River Connector Trails Map 2017

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 Trail Organizations Calendar of Events 2017   pdf download

  September 29,2016

  Equestrian Tourism Plan Draft

Tourism Plan   tourism plan.docx

Equine Tourism Report -Draft    Eq Tourism Report Body DRAFT (1).pdf

Michigan Tourism Resource Sheet -Michigan Tourism Resource Sheet (1).pdf


 May 15, 2016

Elk Hill group camp Well Upgraded

  Attention all trail groups that plan to use the well at the group campground at Elk Hills. It has been newly upgraded and big changes have been made. Please read carefully the email instructions that were sent to us and feel free to share this information.

The new configuration of the well electrical panel eliminates the old short 3 prong 120v cord, the stop/start switch, and internal breaker. Old internal devices like over/under voltage protection and timer control had long ago disappeared and someone had directly wired the cord to the pump, as well as broken off the locking hasp (photo attached). The new configuration restores over/under voltage protection, timer, and adds pump protection, a ground, and a 120v, 30amp, 3 prong, twist-lock generator style male plug (photos of both well and generator end attached). The intent here is that you plug this directly into your 120v 30amp receptacle found on bigger generators (as in those that would run the generator-well safely). Some generators will come with this cord. You probably can also use adapters and heavy gauged extension or RV cords you might already have. The following link is one example of what one of the 30amp, 3 prong, twist-lock generator cords would look like:


While I realize this might be a pain at first until everyone starts to remember to bring the correct adapters and cords, it is to protect both the department and the user from easily using generators and extension cords that are rated too low to run the well. The old well configuration was not only out of code and unsafe, but had charring/melting on the cord and internal wires from previous mishaps. At this point, if John or Jane Doe shows up and runs the well off of a string of christmas tree lights with adapters and burns up their generator, thats on them. We have purchased a loaner cord to use if needed, but please don't advertise this because we would prefer people get in the habit of bringing their own cord or adapters.

The push-button reset is configured for roughly 10 minutes of run time before it cuts power and you must push it again. This is to prevent the well from deadheading for extended periods of time. I’ll make sure the panel has a fresh coat of paint and instructions but it is a pretty simple system. There are no breakers inside the panel. Fuse protection is provided by the user’s generator, typically a push button fuse near the receptacle. There is nothing in the panel for the user to adjust or reset, so the panel will be locked as it was previously. It will be unlawful to tamper with, open, or otherwise “modify” the internal components of the panel.

Could you please disseminate the key changes to the PRC equestrian community in preparation for the upcoming season? I was hoping you might be able to throw up a picture of the plug on your Facebook account and Newsletters to show people what cord/adapter they will need.





February 6, 2016

BCHMI-PR&B Annual Meeting


 Election of Officers 

Welcome our newly elected executive board members, Kristie Walls - Rec. Secretary,  Mike Stinson - Director and Kim Ross -  Director.  Many thanks also to our outgoing officers for their service, Darlene Alexander - Rec. Secretary, Norm Seppi -  Director and Norma Laine – Director.  We also want to thank Julie Rescoe for putting her name on the ballot for the 2016 election.



 December 17, 2015

BCHM-PR&B Annual Meeting

February 6, 2016

is to be held at the Outback Room at Jay’s Sporting Goods Store in Clare, MI. The board meets at 11:00 am. Membership meeting is at 1:00 pm. There will be a silent auction so remember to bring some nice things to sell!

BCHM-PR&B summer meeting/campout/trail ride is June 17-19, 2016. Location is to be decided at the February meeting.


November 20, 2015

Volunteer Trail Projects 

click on above link to download

Trail Projects for 2015 completed by 

Waterloo Horsemen's Association
Yankee Springs Trail Riders Association
Ionia Horse Trails Association

November 6, 2015

 Michigan’s Equine Activity Liability Act amended to remove “negligence” exception for professionals and sponsors

April 27, 2015

 Back Country Horsemen Michigan Pigeon River & Beyond Equestrian / Outdoor Recreation Scholarship

 BCH PR&B is offering a $500 annual scholarship to any Back Country Horsemen Michigan Pigeon River & Beyond member or IRS-qualified dependent of a member, for purposes of education in the area of Equestrian Trails and Campgrounds or Equestrian Studies. Location of educational facility does NOT have to be in Michigan but is strongly encouraged...

There are 2 scholarships for 2015, and they can be submitted as late as June 1st, this year only

Click on the link Above for more information:



October 25 2014 

Horse lost in the Pigeon River Forest  found.  

Wendy L Frosland

Im still in shock over this past
Rico's Story:
On Oct 25th a bunch of us.headed to Pigeon Forest . To the Elk Hill Equestrian Camp ground.I had never been there before. So all of us met and headed down. Renee Pilcher. Lynn Carrick. Myself Kayla Henderson Carol Hesselink Eby Marcy Butkovich Terrie Slack Denise Conroy and Janeen Radtke. We get to camp unload horses saddle, I took Rico's halter off put around his neck, started to put bridle on. Rico backed out of halter . I tried to grab him he trotted over to next camp site where 2 horses were tied to pick line. Marcy and I were trying to get him. We got him cornered Marcy in front me coming up behind and thick brush beside him.. I got to him and said Easy Rico your ok.. he kicked me in my upper left leg with both feet.(which he had NEVER done before.) Of course I went down Rico pushed past Marcy and went towards woods. I jumped up from ground to try to get to him and he was gone.
Marcy and I ran back to the others told then he took off through woods everyone jumped on horses went looking for him. ME being left and feelng helpless as i had no way to go help find him.
There were 3 sites filled with horses and riders all got in there horses to look also. I walked around yelling for my boy.
Everyone came back to check if he came back and headed back out. Carol. Called 2 guys from. A atv group (just lost the name in.my head) bout an hour.later the guys were there and stayed helping till the end.
They headed out.on quads till dark.Everyone had to call it a night. I wasnt.leaving.. Renee Lynn kayla carol all stayed with me overnight. We all slept in trucks.. it was really cold out.. all the girls camping with horses brought blankets pillows. Hats gloves etc to keep us warm. 
Woke up next morning my husband Keith Frosland brought Lilly my 21 year.old mare truck and trailer for me. Now the word is out and already people are coming on foot. In vehicles. On horses to help search. We all ride all day Sunday and find Nothing. Brenda Lee and Al came down to help.its getting Dark im not leaving. I SAID Im sleeping in my truck. Everyone else had to head back to work.it was damp and cold. Brenda said Im not leaving you alone, there wasnt much room for comfort or to stay warm. I wanted her to go home.Nope she refused. MARCY called said she was on her way back with her horse and was staying with me. So she gets there pretty late . I WAS so happy to see her cause I actually got spooked being alone. Monday: we get.up. thundering .lightning. pouring. No way to get horses out to look.feeling sick Rico was. Out there in this and helpless cause we couldnt get out there.People were pulling in left and right what can we do? Roger Knapp and friends came from 3 hours away with horses and rain gear..headed out. MARCY and I saddled got ready to go. Heidi Sposito . Carol Brenda showed up to drive all over to.look.
Marcy and I rode out to woods trails foot paths got to be bout 4:30 pm Brenda and Carol and our boys from fishweb *on the Quads found tracks 5 miles from camp at an Elk Viewing area so Brenda and Carol tracked Marcy and I down. We ran all the way back to camp loaded horses and headed that way where also a lady named Linda that lives there. They call her the Tshirt lady.was waiting. She had been tracking.on foot since the beginning. All.of.us looked all.over the fishweb boys heard a winney way up in the woods. Marcy and I headed that way it was getting dark. It was raining. Started thundering and lighting . WE had to call it a day I was so upset as we were so close and had to quit. 
All heads back to camp.Marcy tried her hardest to get someone to work for her the next day so she could stay with me.. No go.. Mike one.if the guys from fishweb said your going home with me. My wife and family said to bring you home to a warm house. Bed .shower and.hot meal.
I finally agreed as.I.knew Rico was not going to come back to camp with storm.
I Was filthy.tired (not that.i slept anyways) soaking wet. I walked into Miles home they treated.me like Family. Sent me to shower gave me.clean clothes to sleep in.Mikes wife took my dirty clothes washed them.
TRIED to eat wasnt happening went to bed.
TUESDAY MORNING: I.got.out of bed took advantage of shower again as.i didnt know wheny.next one would be. Mike and I headed back to camp His partner Mike and him headed on quads i stayed at camp to wait for people coming. A LADY named Michelle and Anne I think lol went to elk veiwing area where we seen tracks night before.I couldnt wait at camp any longer hauled my mare up there to join them.
We headed out in woods. We got a call from Linda she had found. My saddle bags and a pile of fresh warm manure.said meet her back at trailers.
Well we got turned around.in the woods . So their horses which were seasoned . Had alot of miles on them were plowing their way through the brush and trails. My old girl Lilly that went on a few rides through the summer but in no way conditioned for this and already put her through hell the days prior was struggling. I was in a panick cause I wanted to get where my boy was . The girls got us out of woods and back on track, but Lilly wasnt doing well. She was shaking.couldnt catch her breath eyes were rolling in back of her head. SCARED I was going to loosed her .I knew Lilly needed rest. When we got to the trail where fresh manure and saddle bags were found We were also joined by my friends Denise Conroy. Terrie Slack and a friend of theirs (I forgot her name as I.met do many people through this and was do overwhelmed) she had hauled her camper for me from Newberry. THEY headed on foot. Quads took off and Michelle? And Anne headed on horseback. I stayed back at trailer to rest Lilly.
Tues was a day I woke up and for some reason I had a calming over me.. It.was.6.years ago that.i.had lost my stepson from my first marriage (that i considered my son and my daughter never thought if anything of him but a brother) I asked Seth to bring my boy home safe and to be his angel. I ALSO asked God the same. Ive.always believed in God but Rarely went to church or talked to him.. i did.this day.
OK BACK TO TRAIL so.usually im pacing and nervous through this while waiting. I HAD. Calm peaceful.feeling over waiting at trailer with Lilly.
A man pulled up in a truck. He said you Wendy? I said yes I.am I said you Verne? He said yes i am. I HAVENT slept all night since Denise beadoin called me about you and Rico. IM.JUST Sick for u.. Verne is a trail guided for that area and also an amazing horse.person. He asked me what the.maure and Saddle bags were found? I.told.him. 
Verne said well.he can only.go.back so far.theres a river and.a bridge. He said.he.cant.head towards camp through.here.its too thick and swampy. H.he said.im heading back this way ( back towards Elk viewing area) cause he is going to have to go back that way. DENISE Beaudion. JESSICA Keifer and Mariah horn were meeting him.
They pulled up 10 mins.later asked me if.i had seen Verne. I SAID hes waiting.for.u up the.road .
I said to myself i should.get.on.Lilly and join up with everyone.in the woods. SOMETHING told.me no stay right here. STILL.feeling calm and.peaceful.
I start walking down the road whistling and yelling for Rico . I looked.up in the beautiful blue.sky ( which wad supposed to be cold and nasty.that day) I said Seth.PLEASE bring Rico back to me.now safe and sound. I asked God the same.
I walked back to Lilly walked a.little ways up trail. I HEAR. Whisling and SCREAMING WENDY. I SCREAMED.BACK WHAT. AGAIN WENDY.. AGAIN WHAT..Im running back to the.road.I see Denise.Jessica and maraiah running on their.horses with Rico. IM SCREAMING OMG RICO.. I thought they had.him roped.
Nope.the girls and Verne were just saddled and ready.to.go. Denise said Verne yelled Horse with saddle coming your way. Denise get on your mare get in front of him run him back to Wendy.and the.mare. Mariah said should I get rope around him Verne said no just run him back to trailer.
I couldnt believe.my eyes Rico ran right to me and.Lilly . He sniffed her but snuggled right into me.
I was trying to get halter on him I was shaking and crying I said Denise help me get halter.on him.She did.
2 trucks pulled up a man his little girl and son in one and.2 other sons in another.
They were our baiting for deer seen Rico. Walked up with apple and corn. Rico.ate out of his hand. When he tried to put a rope around him. Rico Bolted. They chased him for over an hour ran him right into Verne and the. Girls which mind you they all got there no more then a half hour before running him back to me.
Whether you believe or not I asked Seth and God to please bring him back to me and within 30 minutes I had my boy.
I learned alot through this.people that know me know I have been going through hell the past year. I started loosing faith in people. I WAS very depressed.
I learned there are Still ALOT of good people im this world.People that thank you just isnt enough. Found.out how many true friends i really.have.
I feel this happened for a reason.
Im beyound happy.to.have my boy back home Thanks to all.that helped xoxoxox  
(I typed on my phone so sorry for all the errors) I hope to meet all the people ( and there was alot) that helped find my boy someday i will never forget this



September 2013 

Trail Blazer Magazine Trail Warrior  Award                                                        


  September 12 2013

********************************* Up Date*******************************************

Upper Pennisula Campout and trail Ride September 12- 22-2013

  BCH PR&B U.P. Campout and Trail Ride
August 20, 2013
Dear Members,
Here is more information about our trail ride and campout in the U.P. Sept. 12 to  22.  We will be camping at the Middle Camp on the Bay De Noc Trail.
On Saturday the 14th  there will one of our famous Pot Luck Dinners in the late afternoon/early evening, when everyone gets back from riding.  PR&B will be furnishing Hot Dogs and all the fixin's, campers are asked to bring a dish to pass to accompany the dogs.   President Norm needs to know  how many people will be attending so he will know how many dogs to buy.  Please let Norm or myself know how many people from your family will be attending at either NORM 906-233-9749 foxtrotin1@gmail.com  or MARIETA at 517-296-4475  marietad@frontiernet.net.
The Middle Camp has no fees for camping, is shady and pleasant and has lots of room to park your rig and either picket or portable corral your horses.  There is a hand pump with potable water, out houses, NO DUMPSTER, so what you haul in you haul out,  the horse manure is to be scattered, and there are miles and miles of nice trails surrounding the camp.  There is a store on Forest Rd 13 about 1 mile north of Co Rd 440, about 13 miles from camp, where you can purchase fuel, propane, limited groceries, ice cream, sandwiches, ice, etc.   You can also fill your water tanks there, but if you fill  there please offer a donation for the water.
Driving Directions:  From U.S. 2 (near Nahma Junction) turn north on Federal Forest Road 13, travel approximately 19 miles to County Road 440, turn left travel approximately 12 miles to where the blacktop ends at the  intersection of Co. Rd 509, turn right and go approximately 1/2 mile to camp,the campground  will be on your right.
If you have friends or family that would like to join our group, bring them along, they can join our membership while in camp.
 If you have any favorite garments or blankets that are stitchable that you would like the new logo on, bring it along and it can be taken to the shop to get stitched.  
Please join the group for a fun time this fall, the color in the U.P. should be getting nice by then.  See you in camp!
Keep your cinch tight and stay on top, 


July 2013 News Letter  

May 1 2013

 Directions to South Branch Trail Camp

March 15 2013

State plans more trails in Pigeon
River Country for horseback riding

BCH Booth at  Michigan Horse Expo ~ March 8, 9, 10 2013.

 February 8,9,10,2013

Great Lakes Equine Classic Birch Run Horse Expo

February 2, 2013

Annual meeting at Jay's Sporting Goods.  Photos

January 27,2013

 List of things BCHA does or has done for horse and mule use and for our mission.

 September 24 2012

Pigeon River Riding With Director Creagh

August 16-20, 2012

Upper Peninsula Ride Middle camp  on the Grand Island- Bay De Noc  trail head

August 4, 2012

The Alpena County Horsemen’s Club Presents
a Fun Horse Show, Speed Show and Cowboy Challenge!
Open Horse Show

June 17 2012

 Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA) is asking for a Dues Increase. PR&B needs your input about this!

 June 11,2012

You missed the Summer Meeting and Camp Gathering June 8, 9, 10, 2012

MTRA _BCHPR&B CombinedWork Bee May 4,5,6 2012

 MTRA Annual B anquet and General Membership Meeting

 House Bill 4684

ELK Hill 

Update on Michigan's Right to Ride Legislation

Work Bee at Elk Hill April 14 2012

March 15 2013 State plans more trails in Pigeon
River Country for horseback riding

BCH Booth at  Michigan Horse Expo ~ March 8, 9, 10 2013.

Back Country Horsemen of Michigan will have a booth at the Michigan Horse Expo March 8,9,10, 2013.  Be sure to mark your calendars and stop by the booth to renew your membership and to say hello.  Help show your support for BCHMI by volunteering your time helping at the booth this year.   Email  Marietta Davis  to volunteer .

Birch Run Horse Expo

Great Lakes Equine Classic
Birch Run Horse Expo on Feb 8, 9, 10
   Norma Laine, Elaine Winkle , Mike Stinson at the 2013 Great Lakes Equine Classic
   Birch Run Expo Center
If you are at the expo this weekend stop by and Renew your membership
Back Country Horsemen - Pigeon River and Beyond will be at Great Lakes Equine Classic - Birch Run Horse Expo on Feb 8, 9, 10. Stop by our booth!
We're looking for volunteers to help "man" the booth too!  If you would like to help out send  email" to Gabriel Hume:

Annual meeting 2013 Jays Sporting Goods.- Photos

Our newly elected board member Tom Norris-reporting on the SETC conference. — with Julie Rescoe, Norm Seppi and Tom Norris at Jay's Sporting Goods-Outback



Marieta Davis explaining the Financial Report to members









Dick Kleinhardt  Legislative Report









Marieta showing members new design for T Shirts   with President Norm Seppi and Vice President Gabrielle Hume





Gordon Davis and Sandie Seppi Selling Shirts and Hats  Representative Joel Johnson  speaking to  members

List of things BCHA does or has done for horse and mule use and for our mission

Some of you have asked for a list of things BCHA does or has done for horse and mule use and for our mission. The items below are random and come from notes, minutes and an increasingly faulty memory. The list is not complete and will probably never be. Everyday there is something by phone or email that is part of keeping BCHA moving, "Keeping America's Trails Open".

1. New policy and governance plan adopted.

2. Executive Committee Ok'd to vote on matters during the working year by the Board of Directors.

3. The Board authorized the finding and hiring of an Executive Director.

4. Executive Director hired and on staff at the April 2012 National Board Meeting.

5. The Trail Classification system with the USFS becomes more stock friendly, BCHA working with the states to document.

6. Dennis Dailey retires. New Wilderness Advisor located and hired, now up and working. Randy Rasmussen.

7. The BCHA Newsletter continues to be an excellent publication. Several new features tried out during the last two years.

8. An email "Eblast" newsletter inaugurated, Vice Chair Yvette Rollins got it moving.

9. Eblast alerts to members for faster notification of important news or events started.

10. Attended Wyoming state Rendezvous, discussed many issues with many members.

11. Attended BCH Washington Rendezvous and Public Lands meetings.

12. BCHA relationship with the American Horse Council cemented and advanced for help in Washington DC and other parts of the country.

13. BCHA relationship with TWS (The Wilderness Society) advanced on a number of projects with more to follow. Meetings, joint letters, advice both ways on things Wilderness.

14. Enhanced BCHA relationship with Western Horsemen magazine.

15. Discussions and a better understanding with Western Mule magazine.

16. Introduced Social Media, QR code and Face Book as part of communications effort to BCHA.

17. BCHA assisted California with the Sierra Kings Canyon packer permit lawsuit and successful legislation. Helped coordinate the nation-wide effort to reverse a hold placed on packer permit renewals by securing a unanimous consent bill in an otherwise highly partisan Congress.

18. BCHW had a volunteer on the Western Governors Conference Study Group on outdoor recreation.

19. BCHA with the help of Alan Hill enhanced our relationship with American Trails. BCHA is a member of American Trails.

20. Guest writers of various types in our newsletter.

21. BCHA participates at the Washington DC "Hike the Hill" event. Meetings face to face with legislative staff, NGO partners such as AHC, TWS as well as the USFS, NPS, BLM.

22. BCHA on its own as well as in joint ventures with partners sends letters of support, comments and letters on non-support to both House and Senate on a range of issues affecting our mission.

23. BCHA and our Wilderness advisor worked with BCH California on avoiding a trail use lawsuit there.

24. BCHA, TWS joint letter requesting a new GAO study of the massive USFS trail maintenance backlog. Due out in June or July at last report.

25. Letters to USFS regions stressing BCHA concerns about the extensive Beetle Kill of timber and the devastating effect on trail riding and safety.

26. BCHA supported and attended and spoke at SETC, The Southeastern Equine Trail Conference. A major stock use trail conference.

27. BCHA, BCH of California, Oregon and Washington negotiations on the Pacific Crest Trail work issues.

28. TWS articles in our newsletter.

29. BCHA Chairman interviews in several National and Regional magazines, such as Equus, Trail Blazer, Paint Horse and others.

30. Attended USFS seminar put on by Region 6 for NEPA and Collaboration.

31. Phone conference calls with TWS, USFS, NPS and others on Green Mountain Lookout, Glacier Peak Wilderness, The Frank Church in Idaho.

32. BCHA traveled to Montana to meet with Montana State Board on issues of mutual interest.

33. BCHA Executive Director is meeting with many BCH states and chapters, visited Washington DC, meets with our NGO partners, meets with various Agency heads and with potential commercial sponsors.

34. BCHA Executive Director is working the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) documents with agencies and NGOs. We have one in place with USFS, one in progress with NPS, some others in progress.

35. BCHA Wilderness Advisor Randy has had meetings with BLM (Bureau of Land Management), IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association), Association of State Horse Councils, USFS.

36. BCHA education has helped some go to Leave No Trace classes.

37. BCHA puts together the Public Lands Day event at the National Board Meeting. All can attend a day of learning about dealing with Public Land issues that impact our horse and mule use.

38. BCHA email and phone calls with students working on papers relating to trail and leave no trace issues.

39. BCH states and chapters doing joint work parties with hikers and bikers all collaborating to keep the trails open.

40. BCHA meetings, letters, emails and calls encouraging the USFS and other agencies to make the Volunteer work experience more streamlined and worker friendly from the ranger in the field to Washington DC.

41. BCHA and member states meetings, research papers on a National USFS saw certification system to help make trail clearing more efficient.

42. BCHA has trained, knowledgeable officers and staff available to assist on most any issue that is brought up. If BCHA can't directly assist, usually we know where to go to get the information.

43. BCHA issues press releases several times per year.

44. BCHA has an active Web Page with many items to assist our members.

45. BCHA article in the Wilderness Stewardship Alliance newsletter

46. BCHA National Board Meeting yearly. Board business, guest speakers on many topics of interest, auction, good fellowship with the other state Directors, a once a year opportunity. The only time many of the board and staff get to meet face to face.

47. BCHA is a 501c3 organization so donations are tax deductable.

48. BCHA has an Education Foundation that is a 501c3 so donations there are tax deductable.

49. BCHA brings a Nationally respected voice to issues that directly affect your privilege to ride on public lands throughout the country.

50. BCHA has a paid staff of Executive Director, Executive Secretary and Wilderness Advisor. An elected staff of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer. An elected Executive Committee that meets monthly by phone conference call.

51. Communications has been helped with more email, Face Book, copies of expanded minutes sent to the Directors from the Executive Committee conference calls monthly, a larger email list of members for use in rapid alert sending,

52. BCHA library on line thru the website. Position papers, Wilderness information and others.

53. Professional fund raising study done. Shows BCHA is really a dues and sponsorship type of organization. Most grants don't work with the BCHA profile.

54. BCHA yearly special membership program. Donation letter to members, special notice and awards at several levels.

55. BCHA color brochure. Handout for meetings and events. Contact Executive Secretary.

56. BCHA banners. For meetings and events. Contact Executive Secretary.

57. BCHA Education Foundation brochure. Contact Executive Secretary.

58. BCHA provided a copy of "American Horse Power" a book published by the American Horse Council outlining the economic impact of the horse industry in the United States. Great for getting the attention of agency and public government folks. More copies available. Contact Executive Secretary.

59. BCHA Wilderness advisor working on the new USFS Planning Rule, the how's, where's and what's.

60. BCHA involved with USFS and Minimum Tool Analysis for Wilderness work.

61. BCHA work in progress position paper on Mountain Bikes.

62. Ongoing discussions with the National TV show "Best of America by Horseback" on items of mutual interest and benefit.

63. Several states and BCHA manning a booth at this year's Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation show at Las Vegas. A major event and major exposure.

64. BCHA virtual store with clothes, bumper and trailer stickers, DVDs. See the website.

65. BCHA Guide Book. Pocket sized very useful guide done in partnership with the USFS. A good handout. Contact the Executive Secretary.

66. BCHA collects, compiles and publishes the yearly volunteer hours, miles, dollars that our great group of volunteers accomplishes every year.

67. BCHA Vice Chair and Executive Director attended the American Horse Council National Issues Forum, Washington DC meeting with the USFS and the Wilderness Society. Presented USFS with issues pertaining to the preservation of trails for stock use and certification for chainsaw and crosscut saws. Presented legislators with issues and documentation pertaining to the preservation of trails for stock use and access issues to US Fish & Wildlife.

68. BCHA builds relations with Certified Horsemanship Association. ED exploring and MOU with CHA.

69. BCHA is a key partner in planning activities related to celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act (September 2014).

70. Don Saner, BCHA Treasurer from Wyoming, Traveled to Colorado to assist them in their Officers Training Day program.

71. BCHA Don Saner worked with the USFS on Bridger/Teton National Forest Plan, and with the USFS and other user groups on the motorized travel plan.

72. BCHA in conjunction with BCH of Oregon prevented the Eugene (Oregon) BLM from approving a trails plan that excluded horse use in an area used for
decades by local equestrians. BCHA currently is negotiating with BLM and a local mountain bike group to include horse use on some of these trails.
These items all are the result of the many hours that our members, staff, and elected officers put in to help keep the trails open. Each item on the list takes hours or days of planning and synchronizing to get accomplished. We have a great organization. We are doing wonderful things in keeping the trails open. You should all feel good about yourselves and your organization.

Best regards,

25 January 2013
Michael K. McGlenn
Chairman BCHA

BCHA is asking for a Dues increase

June 17, 2012

 Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA) is asking for a Dues Increase. PR&B needs your input about this! Pigeon River and Beyond - Back Country Horsemen, MI (PR&B - BCHMI) is an affiliate of the national organization Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA) and as such we pay a portion of membership fees to the national organization: $10.00 for each single membership and $13.00 for each family membership. In return members receive the quarterly newspaper and our organization has support and research available from BCHA for our use; which as many of you know, has been undeniably helpful in our mission of returning public access to public land.


BCHA is asking its affiliates and chapters to consider a dues increase of $5.00 per membership. This would mean that every affiliate/chapter would submit $15 (for single) and $18 (for family) to the national organization.

This item will be voted on at the next National Directors Meeting in February 2013; members through their affiliates and chapters would pay the increased fee in 2014 and BCHA would have the additional funds in 2015.

BCHA says these funds are needed to allow BCHA to continue to be the leader in Back Country Trail Advocacy.  


The PR&B - BCHMI board is asking  members for your suggestions or recommendations. We need your input on this matter before we vote nay or yea in February 2013.  If you have questions, please contact any officer or director. Thanks!

Upper Peninsula Ride

Mark your calenders for August 16 thru 20th, 2012.

At the summer meeting and campout  it was decided that PRB_BCHMI  would have another ride at the Middle Camp on the Grand Island-- Bay De Noc Trail Head in Michigans  Upper Peninsula.  Come and  ride the Bay De Noc trail In the U. P.   Please  email president Norm Seppi that you are going to attend.      Saturday night there will be a fish fry and potluck dinner.  Bring your favorite dish to pass and your appetite.  


After leaving Manistique and following US 2 west heading toward Rapid River you will will come to Nahma Junction and turn Right on Federal Forest Highway 13 and head north approximately 19 miles to County Road 440 turn left and follow the black top road about ten miles till you come to a Stop Sign, turn right on to Country Road 509 and the road turns to gravel follow it for about a 1/2 a miles and you will see a Forest Service sign telling you are at the Middle Camp on the Grand Island-- Bay De Noc Trail Head turn right and folllow the road in about a 1/4 mile.


You missed the Summer Meeting and Camp Gathering

Back Country Horsemen – Pigeon River & Beyond
Update June 10, 2012
 The summer meeting and campout took place June 8,9,10  2012 at the Farm Lane Campground.  Approximately, 50 members enjoyed a wonderful weekend of trail riding and camaraderie  at the Waterloo Recreational Area.  Many thanks to the Waterloo Horsemen’s Association for all the hard work they do to keeping the trails repaired and opened for everyone’s enjoyment.

Friday night members surprised Norm and Sandi Seppi with cake and ice cream to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary.   Happy Anniversay Norm and Sandi.

Saturday afternoon  members attended the summer meeting, followed by a huge potluck meal and a lively fund raising auction .  

Plans were made to have another Upper Pennisula Ride August 16th-20th .   More information  will be posted on our calendar.

Work Bee April 14 2012

 Up Date April 16 2012


 Taking a break from working on camp and looking forward to a wonderful meal.  

 Many thanks to all who volunteered their time to help this past weekend at Elk Hills Campground. We had a total of 19 show up to do a yeoman's task! We were also able to assist Jan and Ron Wolfin clear the Blue Trail from Elk Hill to Stoney Creek and that camp included...finished that work on Sunday! What a great joint effort! We were so very fortunate that the weather held off till the job was completed.
A SPECIAL Thanks again to Chuck Fanslow, Carol Hyzer, Jan and Ron Wolfin, Bill and Barb Weeks, Barb Curtis, Kerry Mase, Norma Laine,(granddaughters) Madison and Allie, Dave and Gail Firman, Elaine Winkel, Mike Stinson, Jerry Cokewell, Dave Culp, Bill and Gail Jacobs and Connie Kleinhardt. ... hopefully, pictures will follow soon.

Regards, Dick Kleinhardt


MTRA_BCH PRB Combined work Bee May 4,5,6 2012

MTRA will be holding a work bee based from Walsh Road Trail Camp over the weekend of May 4, 5 & 6,  PR&B has volunteered to assist.  The camp has lots of damaged trees and brush to clean up and the trail both North and South needs lots of work.
Marieta Davis is heading up the plans for our group in regards to this workbee, so please contact her if you plan to attend.   
MTRA has planned a lunch for Saturday.  PR&B will be hosting breakfast on Saturday morning for all workers, just as we have done at the past two combined workbees.   Biscuits and gravy are on the menu, along with juice, coffee and donuts/sweet rolls.
 We will need donations of 2 or 3 large containers  of juice;, about 4 gallons of milk "for the gravy";,  5 or 6 pks each containing 2 lbs. cooked sausage;, donuts/sweet rolls;, coffee creamers;, large coated disposable plates;, and a box of plastic ware.
 If you want to donate, but will not be attending the workbee, you can identify what you want to donate and send the money to Marieta, she will make the purchase and give you credit for the donation.    If anyone would like to make a donation of any of these items, (or anything else that soulds like a fit) contact Marieta.  ph 517-296-4475  or e-mail marietad@frontiernet.net


MTRA Annual Banquet and General Membership meeting.

MTRA Annual Banquet and General Membership meeting.

Congratulations to the new members elected to the MTRA board: Jimmy Corlew, Jan Wolfin, Jeff Balzer; and Congratulations to Chuck Fanslow on his selection as President of MTRA.
Many thanks to the retiring board members for their hard work on Michigan's Shore to Shore Hiking-Riding Trail!

Pictured, BCH-PR&B President Norm Seppi and Vice President Gabrielle Hume presenting the newly chosen President of MTRA Chuck Fanslow with a copy of BCH cookbook at the MTRA annual banquet and general membership meeting. — in Grayling, MI.

Marieta Davis, Gabrielle Hume and Connie Kleinhardt at the MTRA annual banquet and general memberhip meeting passing out samples of food made from recipes in the Horsecamp Cookin' cookbook.  Thanks to all those who visited the table and purchased cookbooks!

HB 4684

House Bill 4684, today, March 20, 2012 was passed out of the House Committee for Natural Resources, Outdoor Recreation and Tourism.

 There were several amendments to the original bill and the final version was not available until early this morning; therefore, not only did state representatives and committee members have only a few moments to review it, the same was true for those of us who attended the hearing.

 There are many changes that once again place many restrictions upon recreational users and allow the Department to use their discretion in what can, and cannot, be done in regards to recreational trails (and not just for horse trails either). I have to say that I was unable to absorb all that was changed, but I did again see the dreaded word “designated” trails.  Of course, in the forests and state parklands there were rarely “designated” horse trails from times past (say, from the 1950s and forward) but there are trails that have historically been used by horses, hikers, hunters, fishermen, dog sledders, and others – including mountain bikes and ATVs – but never “designated”. 

The concern of state representatives is the threat of loss of Federal funding; we still believe that the Department is using this as an excuse for the land use orders and department rules that are in place. Enough said.
As equestrians we do NOT want the state to lose its funding. Many of us, if not a signifcant majority, also hunt or fish and buy licenses, bait, and sporting equipment in pursuit of that activity in addition to our equestrian hobbies.

I want to thank those who were able to drive to Lansing today and submit their “in support of” cards for Representative MacMasters’ bill. We were asked to only have a “small” presence. Connie Kleinhardt, Diane McConnell, Mike Stinson, Rita Parsch, Char Prochazka, Gordon & Marieta Davis, and I were there, and I was asked to speak to the committee, which I did. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep our members informed of future activity. The bill will now go to the floor of the House for a vote by all state representatives; therefore, please be sure to contact YOUR state representative – by phone as emails are buried – and ask him or her to approve HB 4684 when it comes up for a vote. You can find the name and number of your state representative by using this link  http://www.house.mi.gov/mhrpublic/

Once the bill is approved by the State Representatives it will move to a State Senate committee. We expect the bill to be placed in the Natural Resources & Outdoor Recreation committee which is chaired by Senator Tom Casperson and co-chaired by Senator Phil Pavlov who are both favorable to the situation. Once again, we will ask all of you to contact your state
senator when the time is right.


In the meantime, it would be nice to contact the members of the House Natural Resource, Outdoor Recreation and Tourism committee and express your thanks for passing the bill through committee and for their cooperation and concern in regards to the issue. You can find that list on the bchmi.org website under “Lansing Contacts -> Legislative Committees”.


Gabrielle Hume, Vice President

Back Country Horsemen - Pigeon River & Beyond, MI


Elk Hill Equestrian State Forest Campground Elk Hill Equestrian Trail Camp State Forest Campground (Group)

Back Country Horsemen Pigeon River & Beyond received a letter from Scott Whitcomb dated March 8 2012, with information on the Pigeon River Equestrian campgrounds.

Clarification from Scott Whitcomb Regarding the below letter..

Original Elk Hill Camp

Nightly fee $17 (10 sites total)

Making a Reservation - fee $8 plus $17= $25 (5 site available)
1 Rig /4 horses per site
Elk Hill Group Camp
Reservation Fee $8 with $6 / per person ( 5 People Minimum)

 Update on Michigan's Right to Ride Legislation


In late 2007, land use orders of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) were drafted that greatly restricted our largest state forest here in Michigan.  The Pigeon River Country State Forest, our largest state forest south of the bridge (118,000) acres was severely reduced, shutting down remote campsites, single track trails and even two track roads.  A group of us joined forces with Back Country Horsemen of America and formed our own affiliate now joining 26 other states in our concerns of public access.  The name of our group is Pigeon River and Beyond, Back Country Horsemen of Michigan.

We began holding state wide meetings only to discover that there was a complete page full of other DNR closings across this state that totaled 27 significant areas that were just arbitrarily closed.  These closings all took place over the past 10-12 years.  In every case battles were fought on a local basis only to be lost. The same talking points that were used in the Pigeon were used in most all of these other closings!  Such complaints were:  erosion issues, noxious weeds, invasive species, user conflicts, even horses driving elk from the forest.  Each of these were challenged and defeated with scientific review.

We involved our elected officials by putting them on the back of a horse to see for them selves and they were shocked at all of the false accusations by the DNR.  We attended numerous house and senate committee meetings and always packed the committee rooms with overflow crowds of people in cowboy hats.  In April of 2010 the “Right to Ride” legislation was signed into law.

It is sad to report that after that great news we have a department that is apparently above the law.  To date they have still ignored the mandates in the bill.  How does that happen?
It is the arrogance of power.  We now have another bill that will hopefully come out of committee that will correct this.  Part of the problem with the  “R to R” bill was that in order to get it out of committee is was compromised in certain areas; consequently the DNR capitalized on that.

The DNR gravely underestimated our tenacity in this issue.  We are now mobilized on a state wide basis and will not relent on getting it right.

The DNR is perfectly willing to turn a blind eye to an 8 billion dollar equine industry with net annual sales exceeding a billion dollars.  It’s time to do the right thing for our citizens here in Michigan and throughout the mid-west.

Dick Kleinhardt

Legislative Laison