Pigeon River & Beyond - Back Country Horsemen, Michigan

1.  Plan Ahead and Prepare

                        Unnecessary impacts can be avoided

       by planning and preparing for your ride before you leave from home.


Take the trip before you take the Trip

Educate your Self
  •        Check with Local Land Managers for regulations pertaining to and any permits that may be required for the area you will be riding in.
  •  Do you have maps of the area or a GPS avoid leaving trail markers,
  •   if you must use a marker to find your way, remove them on the way out
  •  What are the current weather conditions for the region you will be riding?
  •  Unfamiliarity with a regions weather patterns such as thunderstorms in mountainous areas can cause flash floods.   
Special Circumstances
  •  Are there any trail closures or wildlife considerations you need to    know about .
  • Consider the abilities of all members of the group before planning difficult rides. 
  • Do you have first aid training and supplies for you and your horses
  • Place  experienced horsemen in the lead and at the tail of the group
  • The Use a whistle or walkie talkies to communicate any trouble,  can aid in keeping the group safe .
  • Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination, avoiding arriving late or being on the trail after dark 
  •    Evaluate your ride when you are finished.  What could you have done differently to better insure the safety and well being of all in your group. 

   Creature Comforts

  •    Do you have proper fitting gear - for yourself and horse
  •    Have you brought clothing for all weather conditions, conditions can change quickly in the mountains.
  •    Food-snacks-water
  •   Insect repellent and sun screen
  •  Avoid times of high use to increase the enjoyment of your trip
  • Bring a camera to remember the adventure