Pigeon River & Beyond - Back Country Horsemen, Michigan

Legislators for Specific Areas in Michigan 2011

For Elk Hill:

517-373-0833  Representative Peter Pettalia  PeterPettalia@house.mi.gov

517-373-0829  Representative Greg McMaster   GregMacMaster@house.mi.gov

517-373-7946  Senator John Moolenaar   senjmoolenaar@senate.michigan.gov  (Moolenaar is also on Senate Appropriations; and Outdoor Recreation & Tourism committees)

For Lapeer State Game Area

517-373-1800  Representative Kevin Daley   kevindaley@house.mi.gov  (Daley also chairs House Agriculture; and serves on Transportation; and Regulatory Reform Committees)

517-373-7708  Senator Phil Pavlov   senppavlov@senate.michigan.gov  (Pavlov is also vice-chair of Senate Natural Resources, Environment, & Great Lakes committee)


For Gladwin Field Trial Area (FTA)
To get ACCESS & PARKING to Section 3 (the area where horse trail riding is allowed) and to develop trails in the outlying areas that SAFELY connect to Section 3 in the FTA.


517-373-8962  Representative Joel Johnson  joeljohnson@house.mi.gov  (Johnson is also on House Agriculture; and House Natural Resources, Tourism, and Outdoor Rec committees)

517-373-7936  Senator John Moolenaar    senjmoolenaar@senate.michigan.gov  (Moolenaar is also on Senate Appropriations; and Senate Outdoor Recreation & Tourism committees)

and neighboring district:
517-373-1725  Senator Darwin Booher   
sendbooher@senate.michigan.gov   (Booher is also on Senate Agriculture; and Appropriations committees)

For Lost Nation

517-373-1794  Representative Kenneth Kurtz  kennethkurtz@house.mi.gov  (also on House Agriculture committee)

517-373-5932  Senator Bruce Caswell  senbcaswell@senate.michigan.gov (also on Senate Appropriations committee)

For Holly Recreation Area

517-373-1798  Representative Bradford Jacobson   bradjacobson@house.mi.gov     (also on House Transportation committee)

517-373-7800  Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood   senhhopgood@senate.michigan.gov  (Also on Senate Appropriations committee)