Pigeon River & Beyond - Back Country Horsemen, Michigan

2.  Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

Durable surfaces are those that minimize the impacts
of our outdoor Adventure such as stone, sand, dry grasses
Snow and water.
Non-Durable Surface
are those supporting fragile plants, 
riparian zones (areas along river bank and lake edges),
muddy sites

  •  Ride single file on and in the center of established trails
  • Do not take short cuts on switchbacks doing so can contribute to erosion.
  •  Camp in established campsites where available
  •  Camp 200 feet from water sources-Minimizes water pollution
  • Leave campsites better than you find it- return the camp to its natural condition, removing any trace that you were there. 
 Proper confinement of your stock
  •   More confinement means more impact
  • Your horses should be use to the method you are using to confine them before you make it to the campsite.
  • When  using High Lines - use tree savers
  •  Electric Pens- is the stock use to this
  •  Hobbles- training
  • Pickets –training
  •                 Designate someone to keep an eye on the livestock
  •   Feeding of Stock   
  •      Move stock frequently to avoid overgrazing   
•           Avoid watering  your stock on the banks of rivers,
lakes and swampy areas  
•       Water at established water crossings, or rocky spots along the bank
         to minimize erosion and pollution.
 Consider taking a collapsible bucket
•    Grazing may be restricted-supplemental feed may be required
•    When traveling out of state feed weed free processed feed 3 days prior to arriving at your destination- minimizing the spread invasive weeds.