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Ask yourself "What are horse trails worth to me, my children, and my grandchildren?" You have a great deal invested in your horses, truck, trailer, farm, etc. Membership and participation with Back Country Horsemen and trail associations are the way to stay in touch and speak up for your chosen recreational outlet.

Although we are not a trail riding club we have had group rides. In fact, two "Cowboy Picnics" included state legislators - some of which rode horses for their very first time! 

The Right to Ride law only put in place the tools to use; now we have to stay diligent and ensure a successful outcome!

Our primary focus is to restore closed trails and open others. Our focus is to attend Natural Resource Commission (NRC) meetings to express our concerns; Equine Trails Subcommittee meetings to tell them of opportunities; to talk with state legislators and DNR managers to do everything that we can to preserve our trails here in MichiganWe as trail riders, have been lacking a clear singular unified voice. When you look at other recreational user groups, i.e., bikes, ORV users, snowmobiliers, etc., they already have that in place. The DNR has forced us then to be proactive and unite. 

By having a strong diverse membership, we have the network to watch for the many issues that arise. We can rally support on a state-wide basis.  

United We Stand, Divided We Fall!

Single membership - one vote

Family membership - two votes

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Although the Right to Ride bill was signed into law, we still need to work with legislators and state agencies for a successful outcome. Please continue to send letters to key legislators as well as your own!

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Tips for writing to your State Legislators.

Send letters to the Editor for your local newspapers!

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Call your state representatives and your state senators and tell them that you want recognition and representation for horse riders as stakeholders when meetings are held.  Tell them about your local issues.
Educate your local representatives and senators on the economic contribution our industry provides.
Call or write the Governor to ask for horse rider recognition when policy decisions are discussed and made.  We want to be part of any conversation being held about trails in Michigan.
Remind your Legislators of the Economic Impact:
   80,000 Recreational Trail Riders in Michigan.
                    Assets in excess of $8 billion state-wide.
                                         More than 155,000 horses in Michigan.

You can also support BCHMI by making a donation to our

"Education / Right to Ride Fund" 

Mail a donation to :
Back Country Horsemen Michigan - Pigeon River and Beyond
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Your generous donations will be greatly
Thank You!
BCHMI is a non profit organization.